Burdorf's Organic Farm provides some of the best tasting beef in Minnesota. Our family has been raising organic beef for nearly fifteen years, and our commitment to organic farming in Minnesota began in 1986. We're sure you'll love our beef!

Welcome to Burdorf’s Organic Farm!

We hope that the following information will give you some insight into what it takes to keep a farm “organic” and also realize our sincere commitment to raising healthy food and preserving the environment for future generations.

Raising healthy food for our family and yours is a commitment we take very seriously. Our family, Gary and Carol, Craig and Teri, Joel, Lori and Michael, invite you to visit with us about any concerns that you may have about Burdorf Beef. Our children are all grown now, but they all help us periodically and still feel very much part of this farm and our way of life.

Call us for any other information. We will enjoy visiting with you!


Gary and Carol Burdorf

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